October 27, 2021

How youth explore, experience and think about their future: A new look at effective career guidance

How do we know what really works in career guidance? The OECD’s Career Readiness project draws on the best available international evidence to understand how schools can reduce student risk of unemployment and poor school-to-work transitions, bringing relevant evidence of ‘what works’ to the attention of practitioners and policy makers during this period of global […]

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October 23, 2021

UK Policy group calls for Career Guidance Guarantee

The Career Development Policy Group (CDPG) is urging the government to give everyone in England access to lifelong career guidance. The call for a Career Guidance Guarantee in England launches at an event today (20 October) as part of several recommendations made by the CDPG to embed enhanced career guidance throughout the education and employment […]

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September 24, 2021

Australian Jobs 2021

Australian Jobs, produced annually by the National Skills Commission, is an easy-to-read overview of the Australian labour market and an important resource for students, career advisers and those looking for work. The publication functions as a single source of information on industries, occupations and local labour markets, and provides guidance about the skills employers need, […]

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August 31, 2021

Australian Blueprint for Career Development – We Heard You!

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) was commissioned to undertake research, analysis and stakeholder consultation to determine the current usage and effectiveness of the Australian Blueprint for Career Development (the Blueprint), particularly in the context of increasing digital delivery of career guidance in Australia. A high level summary of what we heard you say […]

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August 13, 2021

Getting the most out of employer engagement in career guidance

Employer engagement is fundamental to career guidance. Research studies shows that school activities like career talks and workplace visits that involve people from workplaces are often linked with better employment outcomes. Many young people though have limited opportunity to engage with employers and people in work while still in school. This policy brief draws on […]

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