February 14, 2019

Australian Government Releases National Career Education Strategy

The Australian Government has released, “Future Ready” National Career Education Strategy which is designed to increase awareness and improve national consistency of career education. Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy was developed in collaboration with a national group that brought together the voices of education, business and industry, parents and carers, career […]

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January 24, 2019

Envisioning the Future of Education and Jobs: Trends, data and drawings

In conjunction with the OECD, this landmark new report looks at how to prepare the leaders of the future for the challenges and opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution. It concludes that the skills mismatch observed in the labour market has its roots in primary school, and that giving all children, regardless of gender and social background, the same chance […]

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What works? Career-related learning in primary schools

Career-related learning in primary schools is about helping children to understand who they could become and helping them to develop a healthy sense of self that will enable them to reach their full potential. Early interventions can bring a lasting impact on children’s development and perceptions of different occupations, and of the subjects enabling access […]

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Career-related learning in primary: The role of primary teachers and schools in preparing children for the future

UK Charities, Teach First and the Education and Employers have published new research highlighting the importance of getting children to think much earlier than at present about their future careers and ambitions through career-related learning in primary schools. The report sets out examples of good career-related learning, despite challenges such as finding space and time […]

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January 22, 2019

The Pineapple Project is Back!

Do you ever just put your head on your desk in the middle of the day and wonder “what the hell am I doing here?” Does thinking about work tomorrow make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you have a dream job but no idea how to get it? Enough! It doesn’t matter […]

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