March 27, 2020

The role of parents in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported

International evidence report – now available

There is much evidence on the role of parents and carers in supporting the career and education decisions of their children. It is recognised that parents/carers are not confident in the advice and support they provide as they lack understanding of the various pathways and the labour market. The Gatsby Foundation and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation are supporting the Institute for Employment Research at the University of Warwick to undertake research to understand how parents and carers can be better supported by schools and colleges to feel more informed and confident with the advice they give to their children.

The research includes a review of UK and international evidence, practices and interventions. It also involves speaking with a number of practitioners and stakeholders to find out what is going on in practice, what is working and any challenges or barriers to engaging parents and carers. The overall aim is to identify interventions and activities that could be developed and piloted within schools and colleges.

Barnes, S-A., Bimrose, J., Brown, A., Gough, J. & Wright, S. (2020). The role of parents and carers in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported: Evidence report. Coventry: University of Warwick.