March 27, 2020

Redraw the Balance film recreated after original gets over 100 million views

Four years after its launch, the two-minute film ‘Redraw the Balance’ which provocatively captures how young children define career opportunities as male and female continues to generate interest.

A version has just been created in Denmark. Filmed in Helsingør near Copenhagen, a class of 6-year-old students is asked to draw a picture of a captain on a ship and an engineer, before being introduced to a real captain and engineer. Made for international container logistics company Maersk, the film shows gender stereotypes are ingrained from a very early age.


In China, the British Council made a version with Chinese children being asked to draw a surgeon, racing driving and naval officer.


Over in Canada, the Greater Victoria School District in British Columbia visited a Grade 3 classroom to find out what Canadian children think about gender stereotyping in the workplace.



As well as inspiring versions in Denmark, China and Canada, the exercise has been recreated by the United Nations and referenced by UN Women, OECD, UNESCO, World Economic Forum and many others.

Education and Employers launched the original Redraw the Balance film during International Women’s Day in March 2016.