December 8, 2019

Technology and the Future of Australian Jobs. What will be the impact of AI on workers in every sector?

The recent pace of technological advancement is unprecedented. Australia is in the midst of a major economic, social and political transition driven by global competition and rapidly expanding digital platforms and technological innovation.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) is having an impact almost everywhere, in all industries, jobs and everyday life. Given this pace of change, it is important to understand and anticipate what this means for the future: jobs, youth, government and society more broadly, so that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the digital economy.

Over the next decade, more widespread adoption of existing technologies, plus rapid improvements in emerging technologies such as AI, networked computing and advanced robotics, will drive the real costs of automation down and create opportunities for economic growth, whilst increasing productivity. There will also be a shift in what we know of as jobs and relevant skills, today. The future of work will change, as technology evolves. There will be an impact to jobs across the economy – but what does that look like from an industry perspective in Australia?

Technology and the Future of Australian Jobs What will be the impact of AI on workers in every sector?