August 24, 2020

National Youth Commission Australia call for a Youth Futures Guarantee

The NYCA is launching their Interim Findings Report detailing the evidence collected from across Australia over the last year from over 1200 people. More than half of those people were young people of school age or in early adulthood, both in and out of the workforce.

 They found that despite Australia having no national strategy for young people, there are plenty of ideas and solutions across the country for how to create better futures for young people everywhere.

With all the information, experiences, stories and evidence collected, the NYCA team and our broader community of partners and supporters, have come up with a plan.

NYCA want a Youth Futures Guarantee to be adopted at all levels of government, business and society. The YFG outlines a framework of reforms and initiatives that will support young people to meet these challenges, which will also benefit and support Australian businesses and the wider Australian community.

WHAT FUTURE? INQUIRY INTO YOUTH EMPLOYMENT AND TRANSITIONS, The National Youth Commission Australia’s Interim Findings Report, August 2020

NYCA Youth Futures Guarantee 2020