July 26, 2023

Investing in careers: What is career guidance worth?


Career guidance has a century long rich history and tradition of theory and practice innovation in England.  The consistency of such developments over time stands in stark contrast to its value and interest to policy makers and developers which fluctuate constantly in government policies for education, training, and employment.

 Since 2021, the Career Development Policy Group has been advocating with government for a Career Guidance Guarantee, encouraging the development of its existing career guidance system, including offering everyone access to lifelong career guidance.

This new publication What is Career Guidance Worth? is a policy advocacy document, developed by experts at the University of Derby, that explains what career guidance is, its benefits, the strengths of the existing career guidance system in England, and its costs. It proposes improvements to seven features of the existing career guidance system in order to implement a Career Guidance Guarantee for all, and the costing of such development.