December 2, 2016

Higher Education Standards Panel on Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions.

Higher Education Standards Panel on Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions have released their final report.

In February 2016, Minister Birmingham asked the Higher Education Standards Panel to advise him on options to improve the transparency of higher education student admissions, while minimising regulatory burden.

On 6 April 2016 a consultation paper Higher Education Standards Panel – Consultation on the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions Processes was released for comment. In response, the Panel received 82 written submissions. The Panel and its secretariat also met face to face with a range of interested parties including higher education providers and their representative peak bodies, tertiary admission centres (TACs) and secondary education stakeholders including parents, principal associations and state curriculum and assessment authorities.

CICA and its member associations provided a response to the Consultation Paper and CICA President, Martin Smith was invited to appear before to Panel in Canberra.

Higher Education Standards Panel – Improving the transparency of higher education admissions – Final Report