November 24, 2016

FYA Releases “The New Work Mindset” report

The New Work Mindset analysed more than 2.7 million job advertisements to reveal 7 new job clusters in the Australian economy where the required skills are closely related and more portable than previously thought. When a person trains for or works in one job, they acquire skills for 13 other jobs.

FYA CEO, Jan Owen AM, said the report highlights that current careers advice is already outdated for the new work order our report series has predicted.

“At the moment much of the focus around the future of work is on which jobs will disappear and which will remain,” Ms Owen said.

“There is also an ongoing conversation regarding the importance of STEM in the new work order but how this is applied, with 7 out of 10 jobs needing digital skills in the near future, will need us to think more laterally.

“This report shows our mindset needs to shift to reflect a more dynamic future of work where linear careers are less likely to exist and young people will need a portfolio of skills and capabilities, including career management skills, to navigate multiple roles within a jobs cluster.

“By shifting our focus from jobs to skills and capabilities and understanding the most portable and in demand skills in the new economy, young people can work to equip themselves with the right portfolio of skills.”

Ms Owen said the report also shows the risks for young people in the New Work Order.

“This new data shows that not all the job clusters will have strong future prospects which may drive unemployment and inequality,” Ms Owen said.

“Young people need accurate information to help them make decisions about which job clusters they are most suited to and where they are likely to have most longevity.

“If we adjust our mindset towards how we approach our working lives and our existing systems we can help young people access to this information.

“Our government, employers, educators, tertiary institutions, young people and parents can embrace this new mindset by coming together to discuss how we can best prepare young people for the future of work.

“Throughout our New Work Order report series, we have highlighted the need to invest in a national enterprise skills and careers education strategy to help shape education in Australia.”

This report reinforces the need to invest in an enterprise skills and careers education strategy would ensure young people are developing a portfolio of transferable enterprise skills and provide information to help them navigate this changing world of work.

This strategy would:

The New Work Mindset – FYA November 2016