May 18, 2016

Good Careers Guide Launched

For over 16 years, the Federal Government’s Job Guide publication was the number on career education resources in Australia, much loved by students, parents and career advisors alike. Job Guide was published for the last time in 2015 due to the termination of government funding, as announced in the 2014–15 Federal Budget.

The Good Education Group has now taken on the task of resurrecting this beloved resource and creating a new and improved product, The Good Careers Guide. Created in collaboration with Australian career advisers, The Good Careers Guide provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations and the skills and qualifications required to pursue them.

The Guide will have a strong presence in schools, where it is used in career education classes as well as one-on-one counselling sessions. With a large and varied audience, The Good Careers Guide provides an integrated, multi-channel solution in which to deliver your message, while using targeted, industry-specific content to highlight your industry as the career pathway of choice.

Click here to view a video from the launch