May 2, 2016

CICA Welcomes the Announcement of a New National Career Education Strategy

The Career Industry Council of Australia has welcomed the announcement that the Turnbull Government will as part of its education quality reforms; improve career advice provided to students by working to develop a new National Career Education Strategy.

David Carney, Executive Director of the Career Industry Council of Australia said, ‘as the Australian economy evolves and transforms, it is imperative that young people are provided with high quality career advice, ensuring that they are making well informed career decisions about their future’.

Research conducted by the Career Industry Council of Australia in 2015 shows that over half of all school career practitioners are working part time in their role. Of those, just 1 in 3 are able to devote the entirety of their time to career education and guidance. This is coupled with the fact that in the last three years career practitioners are 1.75 times more likely to have had their time decreased rather than increased.

At a time when the Australian labour market is undergoing a transition and young people need support in their career decision-making, resourcing is reducing.

A new National Strategy must address the need for schools to ensure that appropriately qualified and experienced career advisors are employed and are appropriately resourced.

Mr Carney said, “ If you need to see a Doctor, you are comfortable in the knowledge that the diagnosis and advice you are given is being backed up by the fact that the Doctor has appropriate medical qualifications and experience. If you require the services of a tradesperson, ensuring they are trained and qualified is essential. In schools however, we think it is OK for someone to provide career advice to a young person with no career specific qualifications ”.

Career Advisers who are registered as Professional by the Career Industry Council of Australia meet the Professional Standards set down by the industry. They are required to have completed an appropriate career development qualification, adhere to a code of ethical standards and maintain a minimum standard of ongoing learning that ensures that their knowledge and skills are constantly updated to ensure currency of the advice being provided.

It is essential that career advisors in schools be provided with opportunities to engage effectively with industry. Changes in technology and in the labour market have produced new vocational options, which, at present, are not well understood by many young people or their classroom teachers, increasing the need for contact with industry professionals.

Research shows that career advisers need and want greater contact with employers and industry. 76% of career advisers who have been in their role for less than 2 years see industry connections as a critical aspect of enhancing their role.

The Career Industry Council of Australia looks forward to working with the Australian Government in developing a new National Career Education strategy that will improve the quality of career advice provided to our young Australians.


Enquiries contact:

David Carney, Executive Director

Career Industry Council of Australia

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