June 3, 2016

CICA at OECD/Australian Government Workshop in Adelaide

CICA Executive Director, David Carney was in Adelaide this week as an invited participant and Chair in the joint OECD/Australia Government workshop on Engaging Employers in Skills Development for the 21st Century

The success of skills development activities through both on-the-job and off-the-job training depends on the participation of employers in their design, implementation and financing. Improving methods to more fully engage employers in the employment and skills systems is a precondition for ensuring the supply of skills adequately meets the needs of the labour market.

In many OECD countries, there has been increasing interest in apprenticeships both as a route into employment and also as a means to raise the skill levels of the workforce. Apprenticeships are important in combatting youth unemployment and nurturing the development of skills linked to the workplace. Within the framework of the G20, Labour and Employment Ministers have agreed that quality apprenticeship opportunities have an important role to play in promoting a smooth transition from school to productive employment.

This event was a unique opportunity to bring together industry, government and vocational education experts from across Australia and around the world to discuss current international and national research on engaging employers in skills development and work-based learning.