December 19, 2014

What is the Green Army?

Are you looking for opportunities after leaving school, during your gap year, or while at university or TAFE to gain new skills? The Green Army could be for you.

What is the Green Army?
The Green Army is a voluntary programme for 17-24 year olds interested in protecting their local environment. The Green Army provides young people with skills, training and experience to improve their future career prospects while participating in projects that generate real and lasting benefits for the environment.

How can you get involved?
You can apply if you are aged between 17-24 years and an Australian citizen or permanent resident. To apply you will need to contact a Green

Army Service Provider operating in your state or territory. Service Providers details are available at

As a Green Army participant you will be involved in a project for up to 30 hours a week for a period of 20-26 weeks and undertake a range of activities which may include: propagating and planting native seedlings; weed control; re-vegetation and regeneration of local parks; habitat protection and restoration; improving water quality by cleaning up waterways; re-vegetation of sand dunes and mangroves; creek bank regeneration; foreshore and beach restoration; construction of boardwalks and walking tracks to protect local wildlife; and cultural heritage restoration.

A participant fact sheet and more information is available from the Green Army website, visit