June 22, 2014

We urgently need good careers guidance in schools: here’s how to do it

Career guidance in UK schools has had a tough time lately: criticised by Ofsted, MPs, charities and the Confederation of British Industry. Criticism is the easy bit, of course, but what would careers advice look like if it were good?

On behalf of the Gatsby Foundation,  Sir John Holman investigated best practice in career guidance across the globe. His research took him from Hong Kong to Canada via the Finnish Lakeland, as well as to homegrown schools. What was clear is that no-one has found the “magic bullet” to providing good career guidance: quite simply it is about doing a number of things, consistently and well.

The report examines the push and pull factors that influence career guidance: push factors are school based while pull factors come from employers.

Download the full report here Gatsby Sir John Holman Good Career Guidance 2014

Download the costing report here PwC Gatsby Assessing benchmarks of good practice in school career guidance