February 8, 2020

Schools of the Future: Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the context of job disruption, demand for new skills and increased socioeconomic polarization, primary and secondary school systems have a critical role to play in preparing the global citizens and workforces of the future. Education models must adapt to equip children with the skills to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world.

This white paper is the outcome of a global consultative process initiated by the World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society to identify promising models of quality education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is the first output of the Forum’s Education 4.0 initiative, which aims to catalyse systems change by mobilizing a broad and innovative coalition of relevant stakeholders around new models, new standards and a new momentum for action to transform the future of education.

Schools of the Future Report – World Economic Forum – January 2020