November 5, 2014

myfuture 2014 Survey

You are invited to participate in the 2014 myfuture survey.

The survey, which takes approximately five minutes to complete, will greatly assist us in gathering feedback on users’ experience of myfuture.

Since its launch in 2002, myfuture has become a highly-valued resource for Australians making career decisions, planning career pathways and managing work transitions. Each year, we invite users to respond to a small number of questions about their use of myfuture.

The 2014 survey is administered through School Survey, which is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education.

If you choose to participate, your responses will be completely anonymous. If any of your responses enable administrators to identify you, this is unintentional, and your responses will be regarded as personal information and will be protected by applicable privacy laws.

Any personal information you may provide is collected within the privacy policy of Education Services Australia (ESA), for the purposes outlined in that policy, and will not be used or disclosed except in accordance with that policy. Please contact ESA for more information about the privacy policy.

The survey is available until 28 November 2014 11:59 PM, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).