December 1, 2014

Mission Australia release 2014 Youth Survey

This year, 13,600 young Australians aged 15-19 took part in Mission Australia’s 13th annual #youthsurvey.

The 2014 survey explored what young people value, their issues of concern, where they turn for help, their engagement in community activities and feelings about the future and included a particular focus on young people’s aspirations.

The survey revealed that while over 8 in 10 young people felt that achieving career success and being financially independent were highly important, only around 6 in 10 of young people who highly valued these aspirations felt that they would be achievable.

At the same time, the issue of greatest personal concern for young people in 2014 was coping with stress, with more than one in three respondents expressing high levels of concern, highlighting the immense pressure young Australians are facing in their final years of school.


Mission Australia Youth Survey 2014 Full Report