May 1, 2020

Labour Market Information Portal Update


The Labour Market Information Portal has been updated with a range of new data and research insights, including information relating to the labour market impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 information has been moved from the Special Topics Reports page to a new COVID-19 Information channel, which contains all the latest information and insights, categorised into two sections: Research and Insights & Advice and Support for Job Seekers. Recent updates to this channel include:

o   COVID-19 occupation risk assessment, which shows the physical proximity and exposure to disease and infection scores for the top 200 employing occupations by Industry.

o   COVID-19 occupation risk assessment, which shows distribution of physical proximity scores by industry of employment.!/


Explore the data regional mapping channel

March 2020 data have been published for the two geographical classifications below.


Note: the reference period for March data was 1-14 March, which was before a global pandemic was declared and before the major actions taken in Australia to contain the spread of the virus. Therefore, quality assurance of March data conducted by the ABS did not identify any major impact to headline statistics, with only some small early impacts evident, particularly in hours worked. For more information about the impacts of COVID-19 and the recent bushfires on Labour Force Survey estimates, please visit the ABS website: