October 19, 2017

Jobs Availability Report 2017 released by Anglicare

Anglicare Australia’s Jobs Availability Snapshot (JJAS) shines a spotlight on what the job market is really like for those facing the greatest barriers to work – for example people who may not have qualifcations or experience to draw on those trying to re-enter the workforce after a long break or those living in regional or remote areas.

The Snapshot tells a story that will surprise many. They show a grave situation for people with barriers to work, despite one of the strongest periods of growth in full-time employment in Australia for some time.

In the sample month of May 2017, there were 711,900 people who were unemployed, including 124,385 jobseekers who may not have qualifcations or experience.. But entry-level jobs (or ANZCO Level 5 jobs) comprised just 25,979 (115%%) of the jobs advertised. In other words, up to five of these jobseekers are competing for each entry-level role across Australia.

The Snapshot includes a breakdown of State and Territory figures, and fnds that there is no jurisdiction in the country where there is sufcient suitable jobs for the number of people looking for them. The situation is particularly dire in Tasmania,South Australia and West Australia.

Anglicare Jobs Availability Snapshot 2017