February 2, 2017

GTA name change to National Apprentice Employment Network

Australia’s group training peak body, Group Training Australia, has changed its name to the National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN), in a move which better reflects its role and function.

The National Executive Officer of NAEN Ms Lauren Tiltman said the change of name and logo is designed to more accurately reflect the organisation’s activities in matching apprentices and trainees to employers in businesses across Australia.

“The group training sector is an important contributor to skills development for young people transitioning into the workforce, as well as for those making career transitions, and the change of name will help in communicating this, ” Ms Tiltman said.

Group Training Australia, as the national association, was established almost 25 years ago to represent Group Training Organisations (GTOs) around Australia.

GTOs are the legal employers of apprentices and trainees who are placed with host businesses, where they receive on-the-job training.

The model of group training was created in Australia over 30 years ago, and enables apprentices and trainees to be rotated across host businesses when, for example, work has finished with one host or new skills are needed by the apprentice or trainee.

GTOs manage the recruitment, organise training, pay wages, and undertake administrative arrangements on behalf of the host business, as well as providing mentoring and support.

They are pivotal in providing careers and training through links with enterprises, training providers, schools and communities. They also play a key role in promoting the value of vocational pathways.

NAEN remains the largest network employer of apprentices and trainees with some 25,000 in work around Australia, while it represents around 100 GTOs nationally.

“I am delighted that the group training network enters this new phase with a new look and identity that will equip it to meet the needs of members, employers and stakeholders.

“I think that it sends a powerful message about who we are and the important role we play in helping apprentices and trainees secure training, jobs and careers,” Ms Tiltman said.