July 27, 2017

FYA Release New Report – The New Work Smarts

The New Work Smarts analysed over 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australian workers across 400 occupations each year to predict the skills and capabilities that will matter most in 2030. The report shows that automation is going to change what we do in every job, in every occupation.

FYA CEO, Jan Owen said that the report provides an opportunity to map the changes across jobs, and equip young people with the skills which will be required to navigate these shifts.

“We need to shift our focus away from trying to predict which jobs will disappear due to automation and start preparing young people for a future where the way we perform all jobs will change because of automation,” Ms Owen said.

“What this report shows us is that to be ‘work smart’ in the future, young people will need to not only acquire foundation and technical skills, but be able to use these in an increasingly entrepreneurial and creative ways, as well as possessing a thirst for ongoing learning.”

By 2030 The New Work Smarts forecasts that young people, on average will:

“The way our education system currently measures and understands what it means to be work smart will not equip them with the required skills or to become lifelong learners,” Ms Owen said.

“By 2030, Australia’s current primary school students will be close to finishing their school education and our high schoolers will be entering the workforce. To prepare them we must urgently transform our traditional education and training approaches and institutions into immersive learning partners.”

This should encompass enterprise education and careers management strategies where the new work smart skills are core to teaching, learning and assessment across all school and higher education systems.”

FYA strongly believes that we need renewed, comprehensive and inter-generational investment in Australia’s young people. Such an investment would encompass:

FYA has developed a number of practical and innovative policy solutions that government and industry can invest in, and start embedding the new work smarts into our education system:

FYA – The New Work Smarts – July 2017