March 28, 2018

Future job openings for new entrants by industry and occupation

New research shows that while employment continues to shift towards higher skilled jobs such as professionals and managers, many other job openings in the Australian labour market are due to the need to replace departing employees.

Some of these jobs traditionally have low entry requirements and a high turnover, such as checkout operators and fast food workers. However, some of this attrition is also due to older workers retiring or moving on to different careers, potentially creating a shortage of experienced workers able to supervise and train younger employees.

This last point may have future training implications for the VET sector to consider.

Information on future job opportunities is useful for a range of purposes. It can help students and career advisors make choices about training pathways, and can help policymakers in their long-term planning of the education and training system. This report provides forecasts of job openings by industry and occupation for new entrants to the labour market from 2017 to 2024. These job openings are estimated by accounting for both growth (or decline) in the occupation or industry as well as the replacement needs due to workers leaving the occupation.

Future Job Openings NCVER 2018