September 16, 2018

Feedback Request to Improve Skill Shortages Research

The Labour Market Research and Analysis branch of the Department of Jobs and Small Business produces the Job Outlook website and the Australian Jobs publication.

They also run a Skill Shortages research program that may be of interest to career practitioners.

The Branch is undertaking a review of this research and is particularly interested in career practitioners feedback, as you may be affected by future changes.

Under the skill shortages research program, they assess around 80 occupations on an annual basis and publish a range of occupational reports and skill shortage lists (see These lists have no direct status for migration or training purposes.

The Labour Market Research and Analysis branch are currently reviewing which occupations are assessed as part of this program and want to ensure they provide high quality, easily accessible information about Australian occupations, skills that are in shortage, and labour market trends.

To inform this process they are seeking the views of various organisations and businesses who may be interested in/ use their work to better understand what is valuable to their stakeholders and would value the feedback of career practitioners.

Link to survey: