June 27, 2019

Communiqué 2019 – Leading career development services into an uncertain future: Ensuring access, integration and innovation

Career is the individual’s path through life, learning and work. How people live their lives, build their skills, care for their families and work in the labour market has implications for society and the economy. Because of this governments, societies, employers and educational organisations have an interest in supporting people to build good, productive and meaningful careers. Citizens who can effectively manage their careers are better placed to respond to changes in the labour market, develop their skills and contribute to society and the economy.

The issue of how governments can support citizens to build fulfilling careers was the focus of the ninth International Symposium for Career Development and Public Policy in Tromsø, Norway on 17th-20th June 2019. During the Symposium representatives from 33 countries and from UNESCO, the OECD, European Commission, European Training Foundation and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, dialogued and identified a range of effective policies and practices. These discussions are summarised in this Communiqué.