In 2013, CICA surveyed career practitioners from its Member Associations on a range of issues around the implementation and use of the CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked if they felt CICA should establish a registration process as the National Peak Body in Australia. An overwhelming number of career practitioners (85%) responded positively.

As a result, CICA worked with its Member Associations over 18 months to develop a Registration process that would represent a further step towards professionalizing the field and strengthening the voice of CICA through the representation of a large number of practitioners as well as its Member Associations.

At the December 2014 meeting, the CICA Council, representing all CICA Member Associations voted unanimously to accept the proposed model presented and establish CICA Registration.

Launched in March 2015, the CICA Register of Career Development Professionals is the single national point of reference for ensuring and promoting the professional status of career development practitioners across the whole sector and to other members of the profession, clients and employers, as well as policy makers, funders and all other stakeholders.

Why is Registration Important?

CICA Registration provides the only single register of career development practitioners in Australia.

Professional Associations represent their own constituencies and are smaller in size. Thus no particular professional association comprehensively represents the field of career development.

Policy makers and key stakeholders prefer to speak with peak bodies; CICA fulfils that function.

A register of career development practitioners represents a further step towards professionalising the field. Registration strengthens the voice of CICA through the representation of a large number of practitioners as well as its member associations.

CICA Registration Brochure

Click on the link below to download a copy of the CICA Registration Brochure

CICA Registration Brochure


Registration Categories

The Registration categories are:

  • Affiliate
  • Professional
  • Certified Leading Professional


This category is a non-professional registration category and is open to those persons that are working in or have an interest in the career development industry.

It is suitable for those persons who currently hold or are working towards:

  • Certificate IV in Career Development (CHC41215)
  • Certificate IV in Employment Services (CHC41115)
  • Career Development Practice Skills Set (CHCSS00108)

To be eligible for registration as an Affiliate a person must:



  • Have an interest in or work in the career industry and subscribe to the vision, mission and objectives of the Career Industry Council of Australia

The Application Fee for Affiliate Registration is $175 plus GST. There is a once-only Administration Fee of $85 plus GST.

The annual registration period is from April 1 of each year through to and including March 31 of the following year.



This category is open to professional career development practitioners.

To be eligible for registration as a Professional a person must:


The Application Fee for Professional Registration is $195 plus GST per annum thereafter. There is a once-only Administration Fee of $85 plus GST.

The annual registration period is from April 1 of each year through to and including March 31 of the following year.


Certified Leading Professional

This category is open to professional career development practitioners who have demonstrated exemplary practice.

To be eligible for registration as a Certified Leading Professional a person must;

  • Already be registered as a Professional by the Career Industry Council of Australia
  • Have been in professional practice for at least ten years


  • Have completed and had recognised as a minimum qualification an endorsed Graduate Certificate in Career Development


  • Be employed in the career industry at the time of application


  • Have been employed in career development practice and it is demonstrated in the interests of the career industry that the person should be registered.


  • Demonstrated exemplary knowledge and commitment to the CICA Registration Code of Professional Conduct and the CICA Member Association’s Code of Ethics.

The Application Fee for Certified Leading Professional Registration is $225 plus GST per annum.

The annual registration period is from April 1 of each year through to and including March 31 of the following year.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of registration to the profession?

A publicly credible registration system is a defining credential of a profession that:

  • elevates the status and esteem of career practitioners in the community;
  • provides incentives for career practitioners to collaborate, rather than compete, in attaining high professional standards;
  • provides members of the public with a greater confidence in the profession by knowing that career practitioners’ professional standing and qualifications have been independently verified;
  • contributes to the building and sustaining of expertise in the profession;
  • provides a valuable service to the profession and to employing authorities for recognising those who have achieved high professional standards;
  • supports career practitioners in their work through a code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, which is developed in consultation with the industry;
  • contributes to the building and sustaining of expertise in the profession.

What are the benefits of registration to stakeholders?

  • provides career practitioners with a Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics that includes the standards of performance expected of them as they practice their profession;
  • working with educational bodies to deliver qualifications that prepare individuals to work in the career industry ;
  • requires those registered by CICA to undertake continuing professional development so that they keep their skills up to date;
  • allows the publishing of a Register of names of those individuals registered by CICA

What are the benefits of registration as an individual?

  • recognition as a CICA Registered practitioner with stakeholders, employing bodies and the general public
  • CICA Registration Certification
  • persons registered as Professional and Certified Leading Professional, have exclusive use of the relevant seal for use on their business cards/website.
  • access to a special CICA Professional Development rate for all CICA Member Association events that is set at a half way point between a CICA Association Member and Non Member Rate. (at the discretion of the Member Association)
  • attendance at CICA Member Association Conferences at a special CICA rate that is set at a half way point between a CICA Association Member and Non Member Rate. (at the discretion of the Member Association)
  • access to International Affiliations and leading in the International Career Development profession.

Did all CICA Member Associations agree to establish CICA Registration?


CICA worked with all CICA Member Associations over a period of 18 months to establish a registration system that would enhance and build on the professionalisation of the career industry, through recognition of career practitioners and continuing to support and advocate on behalf its CICA Member Associations and its members.

ALL CICA Member Associations voted in favour of, and support of, the creation of CICA Registration at the full CICA Council meeting in December 2014.

How is CICA different from a professional association?

CICA is the National Peak Body that represents its member associations and the wider career industry.

The CICA Professional Standards for Australian Career Development provide the guidelines for the minimum standards of practitioners working in career development.

Is CICA competing with Member Associations?

No. CICA is providing an opportunity for individuals to apply to be registered by the National Peak Body.

CICA has at its core the support of, and advocacy for the benefits of career development and career development practitioners as well as the Member Associations and their members.

Do I have to choose whether to belong to my professional association or to CICA?

No. To register as a Professional Career Development Practitioner of CICA, you need to be a member of a CICA Member Association. This ensures that you comply with a Code of Ethics and meet the Professional Standards.

Do I need to adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct?

Yes. All persons registered by CICA need to adhere to the following Professional Code of Conduct.

The following code will guide Registered Certified Leading Professionals, Registered Professionals and Registered Affiliates in the performance of their services.

  • Clients
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Propriety
  • Neutrality
  • Confidentiality
  • Legal Obligation


In this Code, the term ‘client’ refers to the recipient of the career development service.

The registered person will:

  • act in a professional manner at all times;
  • provide input to the development of public policy as it affects career development practice, where appropriate;
  • use the privilege of CICA Registration with discretion in all their dealings;
  • foster professionalism and an awareness of the aims of the Career Industry Council of Australia within the community at all times.


In employment and in private practice, registered persons are personally responsible for the professional decisions they make.

They will acknowledge the boundaries of their professional expertise and make every effort to ensure that their services are delivered appropriately.

Registered persons will work to maintain the highest standard of their profession.


Registered persons will:

  • respect the dignity and personal rights of the client;
  • respect the clients’ right of self determination;
  • respect any ethical or cultural dimensions relevant to the client;
  • treat the clients honestly and with respect, empathy and integrity at all times;
  • not be party to any discrimination involving the client;
  • not abuse any power differential inherent in the career process.


Registered persons will respect the client’s right to make decisions that affect their lives, to choose whether or not to agree to procedures used with them, or on their behalf, and to maintain their privacy.


Registered persons shall accurately represent their competence, qualifications, training or experience.


The positive growth and development of the recipient of the career process shall take precedence over the registered persons own interests and the interests of registered persons employer or referring client or colleagues.

However, the acceptance of employment in an organisation implies that the registered person is in agreement with that organisation’s general policies and principles.


Registered persons ensure they act as neutral providers of accurate and up-to-date career information.


Registered persons must respect the confidential nature of any sensitive information entrusted to them.

Information gathered in the course of working with a client during the career process must be maintained in a secure place and only revealed to others with the expressed permission of the person concerned, or that person’s legal representative.

When appropriate, such as when a client has been referred by a third party, career practitioners must inform their clients at the beginning of their first meeting of any and all legal or other contractual limits of confidentiality that may apply.

Legal Obligation

Registered persons will observe all statutory and legal obligations and inform all interested persons of their implications.

Do I have to undertake Continuing Professional Development as a requirement of my registration?

Yes. Continuing Professional Development is mandatory for all persons registered by the Career Industry Council of Australia.

The Key Principles of Continuing Professional Development

  • Professional development is a continuous process that applies throughout the working life of professionals.
  • Individuals are responsible for planning, managing and recording their own development.
  • Individuals decide for themselves their learning needs and how to fulfil them.
  • Learning goals should be clearly articulated and well planned.
  • CPD comprises a balanced mix of activities that include work based activities, courses, seminars and conferences, and self-directed informal learning.
  • All CPD should be planned and recorded.

Minimum Continuing Professional Development Hours

The minimum continuing professional development hours for each category per year are as follows:

  • Affiliate 15 hours
  • Professional 25 hours
  • Certified Leading Professional 30 hours

Recording and Requirements

Persons registered by the Career Industry Council of Australia at all category levels must demonstrate if requested, their commitment to professional development through written evidence of their CPD activities.

You can download a CPD Record sheet in the Resources section of the CICA website under Practitioners

Is there a registration fee?

The Professional Fees for Registration are shown below:

  • Affiliate Registration: $175 per annum plus GST.
  • Professional Registration: $195 per annum plus GST.
  • Certified Leading Professional Registration: $225 per annum plus GST.

For Affiliate and Professional Registrations, there is a once-only Administration Fee of $85 plus GST.

The annual registration period is from April 1 of each year through to and including March 31 of the following year.

How do I register?

 You can register online.  Please click here to get started

Can I use the CICA logo on my website and/or other products and resources?

Those persons registered as Certified Leading Professional or Professional are permitted to use the specific registration logo that is contained in their registration kit.

Those persons registered as Affiliate are not provided with a CICA registration logo for use.

The use of the corporate CICA logo is not permitted for use by an individual or organisation regardless of registration and is a breach of Intellectual Property rights.

What happens if my registration is not approved?

The Career Industry Council may determine that your application for registration is not approved because you do not meet the specific criteria set down for the category of registration that you are making an application for.

If you wish to appeal the decision, you will have 14 days to do so from receiving the decision.

You must complete the Registration Appeal form and set out all the information you wish the Council to consider.

You will be informed of the date on which your appeal will be considered and the appeal will be heard by the Registration Appeals Committee.

All decisions made by the Registration Appeals Committee will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into

How often do I need to renew my registration?

You must renew your registration annually. The annual registration period is from April 1 through March 31 of the following year. Prior to March 31, you will receive a reminder to renew your registration.

How do I renew my registration?

In order to retain your registration, you must complete a declaration form and pay a renewal fee to CICA.

How do I know when my registration is due for renewal?

Your registration renewal date is printed on your certificate of registration.  This date will be the same each year.

You will receive a reminder by email one month in advance of the renewal date, so it is important you keep your email details up to date with us.

What happens if I don’t pay my renewal?

If you fail to pay the annual renewal fee, the Career Industry Council may remove your name from the register.

What is the annual renewal process?

You must complete the annual renewal declaration and pay the required fee.

Will my name appear on the Register that is accessible on the CICA website?

Your name and the state or territory in which you reside will appear on the public register allowing the public to see who has been registered by CICA.



Registered Practitioners