May 18, 2020

Career Development Vital for a Post COVID-19 Labour Market Revival

Career development practitioners are well-positioned to support Australians eager to return to work as governments start to open the economy back up. In a time of increased unemployment, career practitioners working in all sectors of the industry are focused on helping Australians build their self-awareness, labour market awareness and the skills they will require to be ready for the recovery.

Research released today by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) shows that those working in the career development industry are motivated to help their students/clients fulfil their potential.

Support is unbiased and knowledge-based.

Research shows that what distinguishes the advice provided by those working in the career development industry, compared to informal advice offered by friends and family, is the information provided is unbiased career information (94%). Seven in ten (70%) are simplifying labour market information, making it relevant to their clients and students, demonstrating that they are offering bespoke career support.

Executive Director of CICA, David Carney said “It is essential as we start to transition out of the COVID-19 lockdown of the economy, that Australians looking for new work or needing to upskill or reskill have access to quality information provided by a professional career practitioner. Family and friends are well-meaning in the advice and support they provide but in a lot of cases their knowledge and understanding may not be up to date and accurate”

The career development industry is ready and well equipped to assist

Professional career practitioners holding appropriate qualifications are well-positioned to support Australians get back to work.

According to the research, those working in the career development industry play an important role in society. Clients/students seeking the support of career practitioners are seeking career direction (91%), information about education opportunities (84%) and wanting to understand more about what jobs they are suited to (72%).

David Carney said,” the career development industry is well equipped in this time of unprecedented transition with vigorous theories and models, evidence-based strategies and tools and a willingness and strong desire to help individuals successfully navigate the difficult and complex transitions they find themselves in through no fault of their own”.

Research shows that those working in the career development industry add value by educating those they are working with by educating them about their future career options (98%), helping to build their confidence (97%) and assisting to map out an individual’s career journey (92%).

With a growing pressure to make sure Australians get back to work, there has never been a more important time in recent history to ensure that career development and the role of professional career practitioners are recognised and supported across all levels of society. From a year 12 student about to transition from school to further education, training or employment to individuals who overnight found themselves out of work and are facing increased competition for reduced employment opportunities, the career development industry is ready to support and assist in a quicker recovery.


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