February 3, 2023

Australian Jobs 2022 released

The National Careers Institute has today released Australian Jobs 2022, one of the country’s foremost publications about the Australian labour market.

Australian Jobs 2022 provides an easy-to-read overview of trends to support job seekers and employment service providers, career advisers, those considering future training and people interested in labour market issues.

The report functions as a single source of information on industries, occupations and local labour markets, and provides guidance about the skills employers need, educational pathways and strategies to find a job.

The report was produced by the NCI to ensure all users of this publication have access to authoritative and accurate careers information and support, irrespective of their age or career stage.

The report is widely used by Workforce Australia providers, industry associations, tertiary institutions, in secondary schools and in Centrelink offices, and is available online.

To explore Australian Jobs 2022, download the accessible PDF version.

For more information on the NCI and its work, visit www.dewr.gov.au/nci