January 28, 2020

Department releases new Employment Outlook to May 2024

Each year, the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business produces employment projections by industry, occupation, skill level and region for the following five-year period. These employment projections are designed to provide a guide to the future direction of the labour market, however, like all such exercises, they are subject to an inherent degree of uncertainty.

Employment is projected to increase in 16 of the 19 broad industries over the five years to May 2024. Health Care and Social Assistance is projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth (increasing by 252,600), followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (172,400), Education and Training (129,300) and Construction (113,700). Together, these four industries are projected to provide over three-fifths (or 62.1 per cent) of total employment growth over the five years to May 2024.

The 2019 employment projections are based on the forecasted and projected total employment growth rates published in the 2019-20 Budget, the Labour Force Survey (LFS) data (June 2019) for total employment, and the quarterly detailed LFS data (May 2019) for industry employment data.

2019 Industry Employment Projections

Employment Outlook to May 2024

The Employment Outlook to May 2024 provides an overview of the employment outlook across industries, occupations, states and territories, and regions.

Employment Outlook to May 2024