October 26, 2017

Choosing VET: Aspirations, Intentions and Choice

This summary brings together the fndings from two research projects: Choosing VET: investigating the VET aspirations of school students and In their words:student choice in training markets — Victorian examples.

The research investigated school students’’ post-school aspirations for vocational education and training (VET), the drivers infuencing their thinking and behaviour, and awareness of vocational training options and career pathways,  as well as how post-school choices are made in a competitive training market.

Importantly, both studies directly capture the voice of students. Wider discussions also took place in school and VET communities — with parents, teachers and trainers. The terms TAFE (technical and further education) and VET are used interchangeably, as this is how students talk about the sector.

Choosing VET: investigating the VET aspirations of school students surveyed students in Years 3,5,7 and 9 about their occupational and educational aspirations, with the survey repeated every year until the Year 9 group reached Year 12.

The study focused on students who signalled an interest in VET in a sample of 6492 students from Years 3 to 12 in New South Wales government schools over a four-year period. The project was undertaken by Jenny Gore and a team of researchers from The University of Newcastle and Western Sydney University.

In their words: student choice in training markets — Victorian examples interviewed VET students about their experiences choosing a training provider and course. The research explores the extent to which the consumer model of training,, aimed at increasing student choice, is changing the dynamics between prospective students and registered training organisations (RRTOs). The project was undertaken by Justin Brown, from the Australian Centre for Educational Research.

Choosing VET investigating the VET aspirations of school students

In their words student choice in training markets victorian examples

Choosing VET aspirations intentions and choice